Class of ’94, born in Sarno in the province of Salerno. Graduated in Philosophy at the University of Salerno, is passionate since childhood to music and photography. In recent years, especially thanks to philosophical and anthropological studies, he has found the right compromise in Streetphotography to analyze the surrounding society. The search for the elements that nature offers mixed with people’s habits makes it possible to understand the essence of historical and ontological man. 

He founded, together with a friend, a project dedicated to Streetphotography that sees its origin on the social media platform Instagram: Streephers. The latter arises from the idea of two photographers projected to the possibility of creating a community of streephers that communicate with each other. The page has reached 10k in just six months and continues to grow as well as idealize and realize future projects related to street photography and the possibility of highlighting photographers from all over the world.

  • Publication of a shot, dedicated to the series millennial ritual of the “Paputi” of Sarno, in the July 2019 issue of the National Geographic Italy.
  • In the August 2019 volume of EYE-Photo Magazine a whole section dedicated to me and a series of my black and white photographs.
  • Article in the newspaper of Salerno and the province “La Città” dedicated to me and my shot, taken from the series related to the ritual of the “Paputi” of Sarno on 05/08/2019.