The Mutability of Things

Naples, 2019

Being part of one’s own evolution means modelling what we can shape and live what we can live. The elements of nature come into harmony with the works of man in order to guarantee a harmony of the whole. Photography allows not only to capture events, but also to observe key moments in human history. The habits, the creations of man, the man himself are part of a dimension established on the basis of history. The latter is not by chance based on a chronological structure that sees in the evolution, more cultural than biological of man, the frame suitable for the snapshot of life. In particular, street photography allows us to grasp the change between these elements, which leads man to understand himself as an active part of the reality he lives.

Amsterdam, 2020

Paradoxically, the mutability of things emerges from every shot. We can observe and analyse every element within it in order to capture every moment of life. Doing this means grasping the sense of one’s own identity, now distributed in many categories. What are therefore for street photography? How can the latter build my cultural identity? The set of elements that surround the man are intended to create the background in which he must live in the best possible way. This is possible to notice it within the infinite nuances present in street photography. For example, the humour that emerges from a shot allows us to analyse the ways that man takes to relate to the other (whether it is an animal, another man or even an object); the silhouettes allow to observe from the outside the man according to a different point of view, in harmony with natural elements such as the sun, the shadows created by a tree or human creations such as buildings, cars, billboards, etc. We note that everything that has to do with the capture of a particular moment of human life means to immortalise a piece of change that is added to the history of man and the world. Only in this way is it possible to understand and analyse human evolution, through the elements that are incorporated into the cultural dimension from which it is crossed.The street photography, to the question that man has for centuries “who am I?”, Responds with a simple analysis in the confiscations of the moments he has immortalised over the years. This kind is therefore no less important than philosophical, philological and historical studies, as it is fully part of the branches of the human sciences that seek to better understand the nature of man. So, in conclusion, through street photography, I can define, at least from the cultural point of view, my identity as a human being.

Amsterdam, 2020

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