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Raffaele Izzo was born in 1994 in Italy, in Sarno (town in the province of Salerno). As a teenager he was interested in traveling, discovering new cultures and music. Although he has a master’s degree in Philosophical Sciences, obtained at the University of Salerno, during the study period of the Erasmus + program in Potsdam (Germany), he has rediscovered a real passion in street photography. As a self-taught he begins to experiment and study this branch of photography and begins to deepen it. He has worked as an official photographer for various cultural events and collaborated with local newspapers in storytelling. After the presentation of his report on the history of one of the millenary rites, the “Paputi”, of his city of origin, a photograph was published in the July 2019 volume of the National Geographic Magazine Italy. He founded “Streephers”, a street collective that intends to spread the culture of street photography on social networks and in the national and international territory.

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Publication of a shot, dedicated to the series millennial ritual of the “Paputi” of Sarno, in the July 2019 issue of the National Geographic Italy.

Publication on Street Sweeper Magazine of a series of my shots related to my “Yellow Street” project.

Publication of my project “Berlin Waves” on Artwave.it, a cultural insights magazine.

Article in the newspaper of Salerno and the province “La Città” dedicated to me and my shot, taken from the series related to the ritual of the “Paputi” of Sarno on 05/08/2019.

In the August 2019 volume of EYE-Photo Magazine a whole section dedicated to me and a series of my black and white photographs.

Article about Street Photography entitled “The mutability of things” on Streetfinder.